Jussi Jokinen

Jussi Jokinen

Started to learn something completely new -- Jumping into the void

First of all, I lied. I have some experience on MERN-stack, like I told. But that is not my strength, at least for now.

Because this is my first next.js app, this means, that there is still alot to learn. For example I had some troubles to add the social media icons on the front page footer section. Then again, I'm not quite sure if I imported the normalize.css in the right way. I also had in mind that I could add my name to all of the posts, but then again, I thought that it would be too repetitive and not necessary.

Have to say, that it's a nice feature that these pages update automatically from the github repository's main branch. Don't know how common this is, but I haven't seen this kind of functionality before, although not sure if the Heroku works the same way.

But I think it's nice to learn new things and I think this will be a whole new adventure to web-development.